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8 Ways to Save Water

8 Ways to Save Water

This gargantuan blue ball of a planet is jacketed in agua to the extent that its abundance is hard, nay impossible to miss.  However, "fresh" water is an entirely different matter, and its scarcity, while often underestimated, is very, very real. Only about 3% all water is fresh, and only about 1% of

Help Kids with Cancer

By BC Phillips One of the darker elements of human nature is our propensity to seek out reasons to avoid helping others. It’s easy to maintain our sense that we are good and just when an external factor is present that makes the misfortunes of others due to their own faults.

Choosing to buy Free-Range

Choosing to buy Free-Range

By C. Pen As we walk into the super market or the butcher's, our primary selection criteria, more often than not, is look and taste. Usually, when animal products such as meat or eggs are procured from the animals in high-volume, industrialized "farms," it is often done through harm (and often

Action Over Expectation : Getting out of our heads

Action Over Expectation

By Kelly Johnston The price of High Expectations Exploring the idea of living inside our heads and the importance of making it real to contribute to the world. Action Over Expectation Expectation can thwart what we do in our lives. When we raise the bar too high we second guess even taking that

Five Empowering Organisations Helping Women

  Millions of women around the world experience violence, inequality, and disadvantage every day. Here are five organisations helping to give these women a voice by advocating for gender equality. Helping women in areas of war and conflict Women for Women Women for Women International has helped more than 462 000 marginalised women

A Call to Action

A Call to Action

By Win Quier "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” This is the famous quote from our 35th president, John F. Kennedy. It was a call to action and compelled many to start doing good deeds for their fellow countrymen. We

5 Reasons You Should Hug More

We all love a good hug! Be it as a greeting, over an accomplishment, to show gratitude, or to comfort someone; a hug is a universal social gesture which crosses cultural and social boundaries. But, in addition to being a gesture, hugs are actually pretty darn great for you. Below are