Causes & Issues

7 Ways to Help Syrian Refugees


Most of us have been hearing about the plight of Syrian refugees for as long as we can remember, but know little about the part

The LGBT Struggle


By Ramelle Lewis Growing up, I knew my family was different. When I was very young, I didn't realise that different didn't necessarily mean 'bad', or 'wrong'.

Be Good

A Smile: The Domino Effect


By Victoria Holland It’s weird the little things that stick in your mind. I remember when I was a kid in junior school my headmaster told

Do Good

How to Make Friends and Keep Them


Cheesy, we know. Friendships can either be effortless, or a losing battle. What we know is that we all want and need them in order

8 Ways To Be An Altruistic Consumer


Many of us want to be altruistic, to make a positive impact on the world. We consider ourselves to be global citizens, but don’t necessarily