Causes & Issues

5 Causes That Need Our Urgent Support


There’s a whole big world out there with plenty of causes to support. As someone who lives an unfortunate life, you shouldn’t forget there are

Eco-Friendly Apps to Help You Go Green & Save


The recent news about climate change would inspire just about anyone to start thinking about lessening their impact on the planet. After all, there is

Be Good



By Emily Wong ‘BECAUSE YOU’RE WORTH IT’ The sweet, lulling slogan whispered so seductively from the lips of the model as she pouts to the camera. One

Do Good

Random Acts of Kindness

#RAK: Random Acts of Kindness


By Victoria Holland Many often say “Nothing we do matters,” and this often becomes an excuse to act in a less than kind manner and treat others in

Impact through Your Know-How and Who You Know


Making a difference can be done on a budget. Making a difference does not take a large corporation, or even a rich investor.  Everyone has